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Information about used cookies

edudip is an open company. In relation to the use of cookies, we want to provide maximum transparency for our users.

Here you will find a list of all cookies used by edudip.

Cookie name Description
EDUDIP_LOCALE Here we store the last selected language of the user.
EDUDIP_TIMEZONE Here we store the last selected time zone of the user.
EDUDIP_STAYLOGGEDIN2 If a user wishes to remain permanently logged in, this will be noted in this cookie.
EDUDIP_FIRSTSTEPS Is set when the "First steps" box on the start page should be hidden within the first 14 days after the registration on edudip.
EDUDIP_DOWNLOAD_* Will be set when a download of a file is supposed to be performed and includes the encrypted expiration date of the download.
edudip_affiliate This cookie is only used on It is used to identify a user as an affiliate.
id-* Is used to verify the browser for automatic room visits.
PHPSESSID This is used to uniquely identify a logged-in user.
edudip_sendToGA Used for the usage analysis.
edudip_splitTest Used for the improvement of our website.
userTestCam Is used to store the selected camera.
userTestMic Is used to store the selected microphone.
userTheme Is used to store the selected seminar room theme.
desktopNotifications Is used to store whether desktop notifications should be activated in the virtual classroom.
visibleUserList Used to save whether the participant list is visible in the virtual classroom
visibleChat Used to save whether the chat in the virtual classroom is privat
cursorType Used to save the cursor type in the virtual classroom.
edudip-entity Here our blog stores from which entity it was visited the last time.
edudip-entity-uri Here our blog stores the URL of the entity from which it was visited the last time.

In addition to those cookies that are listed here, it is possible that various third-party cookies are used. This is for example the case when tracking methods (e.g. Google Analytics) or social media elements (e.g. Facebook login) are used.

Currently set cookies

The following is a list of all currently detected cookies, including their value.

cookie Content

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