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Webinar: Standards and Guidelines for Biosafety Laboratories

Standards and Guidelines for Biosafety Laboratories

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Among the many standards and guidelines for biosafety laboratories, a few are internationally known and applicable to many settings and projects. We'll present an overview of the most commonly used standards and guidelines, especially for the operation of biosafety laboratories and laboratory building projects in countries without a comprehensive legal and normative framework. In addition, we plan on highlighting the following key aspects: requirements on tightness and requirements on redundancy.

We cordially invite everyone to join the various opportunities for open discussion. Active participation is possible (1) via chat, of course, (2) via microphone and (3) via video. Just indicate in the chat you might have some statement(s) or question(s), so we're able to activate you for mic and/or video.

Notice: There will be no recording of this event.

For any questions, just contanct Fabio Blaha via


Each slot includes about 15 minutes of open discussion.

10:00 (UTC+2): Log-in / Welcome address

10:05 (UTC+2): Why it's relevant to select the appropriate standard(s): discussion of requirements on the HVAC system's performance - Fabio Blaha

11:00 (UTC+2): Comparison of international standards about tightness requirements for laboratories - Claus Schweinheim

12:00 (UTC+2): Break

12:30 (UTC+2): Multiple layers of protection: requirements on system redundancy for biosafety laboratories - Felix Gmünder

13:30 (UTC+2): Open discussion


- MA Fabio Blaha, German LabConCert GmbH, Germany

- Dr Felix Gmünder, Basler & Hofmann AG, Switzerland

- Dipl.-Ing. Claus Schweinheim, HT Lab Tec GmbH, Germany

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